To continue having healthy hair you must have a relationship with your hair, here is some tip below.

1. Knowing what texture of hair you have.

2. How to keep or get good length retention.

3. Knowing your hair porosity.

4. Knowing your scalp health, and treating it if needed.

5. Having a hairstylist who knows about hair care.

6. Using the right hair products and applying them properly.

7. Protect your hair while sleep.

8. Trim ends when needed.

9. Drinks lots of water, hydrated and treat your inner self (diet) well.

10. Change your  routine with your hair as you get older. EXP( colors, relaxers, heat ETC.)

11. Over doing everything with hair.

Example is as following:

a.) Over processing

b.) Over styling

c. ) Using many products and applying too much of it.

12. Try to keep your life stress free

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